Monday, January 3, 2011

Murungai keerai adai (pan cake with drumstick leaves)

Am back in the new year 2011 with a healthy and filling recipe. This is good for all the kids and elders who detest anything good and nutritious.


Gram dal - 2 cups
Rice - 2 tablespoons
Urad dal - 4 tablespoons
green chillies - 3 nos.
salt - to taste
Drumstick leaves - 1 cup, cleaned and dried.

Method :

Soak the dals and rice together overnight. Grind to a thick batter along with the green chillies. Mix salt and the drumstick leaves into the batter. prepare dosa's as you always do. Traditional method is to make the batter so thick that you need your hand to spread it on the hot griddle. Anyway, we are in the fast moving world, and i wouldn't risk my fingers for a adai, no matter how healthy it is ;)

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Srivalli said...

Hi Lakshmi, Adai looks great..abt the Blogging Marathon, drop me an email if you are interested.