Friday, July 11, 2008

Masala vada

Okay ! I dont know why we call it as Masala Vada in my place and city... But, the rest of the world seem to be calling this 'Paruppu Vada' .... Whats in the name ? As long as it is crunchy, spicy and deep fried am happy ;-)

Ingredients :

Gram Dal - 3 cups
Onion - 2 large ones
Chillies - 10 nos.
Cilantro - small bunch
Curry leaves - a few
Garlic pods - 5
Oil - For deep frying
Salt - To taste

Method :

Soak the Gram dal Over night. Set aside a small portion of the soaked dal and grind the rest of it
along with green chillies and Garlic pods. hop the onions into the tiniest bits possible. Chop the cilantro and curry leaves into tiny bits. Mix all the chopped stuff into the ground batter along with the soaked dal kept aside (i like mine with a few whole dals). Shape them into disc's and deep fry until golden brown.

Note :

In case you have added more water and you are unable to shape them into disc's, you could add some besan (gram flour) to it.


G said...

Hey, those vadas look yummy. I think a craving is kicking in ;)

Lakshmi said...

Sure G ! come home and i will spread out a feast for you...